Q&A Questions & Answers

What is Vegan Event Hub?

Vegan Event Hub is THE place to find and promote vegan events.

What does Vegan Event Hub offer?

If you organise vegan events, you can promote your festival, conference or activity free of charge on Vegan Event Hub. Register an account with us (*one account maximum per organisation, group, charity or business) then add your events. You can log into your account anytime to edit your events.

I’d like my event to be featured on this website. Is this possible?

Anyone can upgrade an event’s promotion with our promotional packages which give ridiculously good exposure for your event at tiny prices. Take a look at our SHOP at the various promo packages we have.

I want to run a small vegan event, but don’t have a website or the budget to promote my event. Can you help!?

YES. Simply register and list your event details on the PROMOTE tab of Vegan Event Hub free of charge and we’ll give you a web page on our site with an image and location map. You can then direct people to your very own event page without paying for a web designer or web hosting service. We’ll take care of that for you.

How do I list an event?

A. On the Homepage, select ADD EVENTS and Registration. Enter your organisation, group, charity or business name in the username field and your name/email details. Write these down somewhere safe, so you don’t forget them. That’s it! You now have your own account.

B. To ADD EVENTS select Login. Enter your login/password. You’ll now be taken to your own account page where you can view, add or edit all your events.

I manage events for different clients and organisers. How do I list these?

You can manage all your different clients’ events in your one Vegan Event Hub dashboard. You only need to create one account and register once. (This avoids multiple account logins for every individual client you manage.)

I’m adding my event. What type of picture can I upload with it?

Why not use an impressive event image from last year’s event or the official event poster advertising this year’s event. (Ideally in landscape format). If you decide to use an image that you didn’t take yourself, please ensure you have permission from the photographer before adding it to your event.

What is the illuminate upgraded event promotion package?

Illuminate is a fast and easy way to give your event (or an event you support) exposure on our e-newsletter and social media – ensuring it has a huge reach.

What happens to any profits from the sales of the upgraded promotional events?

All money goes back into funding the Vegan Event Hub website. Your support is greatly appreciated. Without it, we simply wouldn’t exist.

Why is Vegan Event Hub the #1 vegan event community platform?

We support hundreds of vegan events and hundreds of thousands of event attendees around the world with this website with FREE promotion, all within an exclusively vegan space. We LOVE vegan events and created the Hub to enable event goers, the animals and the planet to thrive. It’s been a huge amount of effort, so we hope you’ll love it as much as we do and will support it by sharing VEH with friends and colleagues on social media.

Do you promote vegetarian events?

No. We support vegan events run by any organisation, group, charity or business.

How is Vegan Event Hub different from Meetup, Eventbrite and others?

We are a 100% grassroots vegan platform, supporting vegan events in every country in the world. Vegan Event Hub is a distinct entity with a clear mission to help animals, our planet and the people living here.