How to add your events to Vegan Event Hub

This is our quick guide explaining how you can add your event in under 5 minutes using our easy, fill in the form, event creator.

All events are welcome, large or small, brand new or the 10th year of organising, anywhere in the world. Just one condition; they need to be vegan.

Event promotion is about attracting the right crowd. Marketing needs to be targetted to reach curious or interested people which is why Vegan Event Hub works like a dream for your events. We attract people to our website who want to only find out about vegan events (and veganism) as well as vegans who love to attend events and just need to know what’s happening where and when. Promote your events with us to gain a new crowd and showcase them internationally.

So how easy is it?

It’s fast to set up your event in our MEMBERS area. No complex design skills required! 1st Register then Login. Select the event date and location, add a title and description, link to your website, and flag the Google Map option to help visitors find the venue. Once done, select one or two categories to ensure people searching for event types can discover yours. Style your listing by adding an event image. Voila! It’s done. Five minutes is all you’ll need.

We’ll publish the event for you on our professional platform. You’ll receive a dedicated webpage and URL and a mobile-friendly optimised page. All completely free of charge! Your guests can view your events on their smartphones, tablets or computers. You can then use the blue social share buttons on your event page to share your event on Twitter and Facebook.

We’ll handle the SEO. Rank high on Google searches for zero payment. (Shh).

Add the Hub to your own website event promotion or make this your primary online tool for promoting your events and you’ll be in a strong position to get the word out. All events listed with us also receive a shout out on our social media. It’s a win-win.

Events published on Vegan Event Hub frequently appear on the first page of Google search results and often at the top of the first page!

If there is a problem and your event needs to be cancelled, simply head to the MEMBERS area to log into your account with us and edit your event adding a message explaining why the event is being cancelled.

Ready to get started?

Click HERE to Register your group, organisation or business, then LOGIN to Add Events. Follow us on  Twitter/Facebook. As soon as your event goes live we’ll give your event a shout-out.

Add mojo to your Hub events!

So you want to REALLY illuminate your events with us? Fancy being listed top of the category? Enhanced SEO? Extra categories? Recurring events? No problem. Upgrade with our promo packages and we’ll add the visual and view count bling.

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