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What a year! With many events moving online, it's been possible to attend vegan events hosted anywhere. One upside…
25 July 2020
Check out the Masterclass in London with David Wolfe - 30th May 2020. David has spoken at over 2000 events in the p…
09 October 2019
Just who are The Two Vegans? And what's this Fabulous Festive Fair, Shrewsbury, England all about? All will be reve…
26 September 2019
2019 is disappearing fast! Which vegan event do you suggest we attend before the year is out? #vegevent…
24 September 2019
It might be a sizzling hot summer in Europe, but that's not stopping the Welsh Vegan WinterFest from adding their s…
29 July 2019
Thanks to the incredible @driftwoodvegans for their glowing article and good vibes. Check out their blog if you hav…
06 July 2019
It's getting hot in here, so take off all your clothes. OR just head to the Derby Vegan Picnic on 20th July in Engl…
27 June 2019
@EarthSaveSF Your event is LIVE & delicious. Go VeganvilleTV Partee Potluck, Florida June 29, 2019. Karaoke, Talent…
21 June 2019
June 28th, Tamarac, Miami is MOVIE NIGHT catered for by a top vegan Chef, Host & EmCee VeganMan & an early bird mix…
21 June 2019
@beetro0t @FGRFC_Official @EventbriteUK @DaleVince Thanks for your support. Vegan Event Hub promotes vegan events,…
21 June 2019



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