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Vegan Food Festival Thessaloniki 2017 Greece

March 19, 2017

We invite you all to attend this year and in 4th Panhellenic protest for all animals. Together we’re going to be the voice for all these creatures who can’t defend their rights. We have the power with compassionate choices and changing mindset and action to bring an end to violence and their misery. Your presence is more than welcome – is absolutely essential – because only together we can build a peaceful and just world.

Our planet is abuse, exploitation and killing of non-human animals is unprecedented.

According to official statistics, over 150 billion land and sea animals are killed every year just for food, not counting the collateral damage of fishing and what evidence does not officially declared. The milk and egg industries are organic continuity of the meat industry, srdjan systematically and sadistic animals used to produce them.

At the same time, millions of other aisthanómenes beings are subject to unbearable cruelty and/or slaughter for experimental tests products for skin, fur, wool and their feathers and for-profit industry entertainment and performances in zoos, circuses and delphinária.

Thousands of abandoned domesticated animals experience the complete degradation in anthropogenic environment, while at the same time backyard farms animals bring barely in life young puppies and cats “race” in the worst of conditions to be sold to naive buyers.

It is time for the situation to change. To Act according to our moral compass, in accordance with the principles of compassion, justice and non-violence. To recognise in billions of these creatures the right to live freely and cheerfully, without our destructive and abusive speech.

Our vegan lifestyle extends compassion and respect for the animals on the planet, recognising their rights as sentient beings. Team Vegan Thessaloniki consists of people who consciously chose veganism as our diet and lifestyle. Our aim is to actively participate in public awareness and research around issues of animal welfare and nutrition. We often get together to know each other and discuss where everyone is welcome. We will be glad to talk with you to discuss any questions and concerns you and support you in your transition to a lifestyle and diet without violence.


March 19, 2017
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