About our mission:

Vegan Event Hub is a unique community of event organisers and event seekers around the world. Our primary aim is to raise the profile of vegan events on a professional platform. To do this we offer free online event promotion via the Vegan Event Hub website and social media. Event organisers are entitled to one free Hub account per organisation or business and given the opportunity to add unlimited events to the Hub website, free of charge.

We aim to unite a diversity of vegan events under one brand, re-enforcing unity by creating one community with a shared goal of veganism. The more support vegan events gain, the greater their success and the higher the motivation to take veganism, through the mechanism of events, out into new communities.


Founded by Karen White in England – UK, Vegan Event Hub is her contribution to the vegan movement. A lover of animals, caravans, off-grid living, international travel, vegan food, yoga, astrology, live music and coffee. Active seeker of a more peaceful world.

About the Founder:

Karen felt compelled to help animals but didn’t know where to begin or if she could even make a difference. Having aspirations wasn’t common when growing up in a single-parent family on an English city council estate. There also weren’t any vegans or vegetarians! After breaking-the-mould and beating-the-odds (to overuse cliches) she made it into Liverpool University in the early 1990’s. From this point forward, Karen travelled, explored and lived in a variety of locations and spaces. Biography titles could read: ‘From council block to castle’ ‘Caravan powered by wind turbine’ or ‘Living above a nightclub in Vienna’.


Qualifying as a Chartered Marketing professional and working at a senior level in universities, her marketing career has taken her solo around the world to East and West Africa, Asia, Europe and North America. She’s slept next door to a President in Nigeria, cried happy-sad tears at the Sheldrick baby elephant sanctuary in Kenya, seen the northern lights from a night-train on the edge of the arctic circle and continued the process of soul-searching about how she could make a difference. None of us want an epitaph that reads, ‘He/She led a meaningless life’, right?

She still didn’t have a comfortable answer.

Falling ill overseas with chronic illness is a short sentence and lengthy story. One that has lasted over a decade and triggered a complete spiritual and lifestyle transformation. One day while home she found some information about the horrors of the dairy industry and how going vegan was the only ethical response. She signed up for a one month ‘Vegan Pledge’ (thank you EFFA) and after 20 years of being veggie her new adventure as a vegan began.

While travelling internationally to attend some of the world’s greatest vegan events to gain a deeper understanding of veganism, Abolition, animal rights/welfare and intersectionality, the challenging process of finding these events inspired the creation of Vegan Event Hub, an international platform and after several years of research and development, the Hub was launched in 2016!