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Welcome to Vegan Event Hub. The #1 website for international vegan events where event seekers can find vegan events and event organisers effectively promote them. Illuminating vegan events around the world to benefit the animals, the planet and people everywhere.

Take this opportunity to register an account for your group, organisation or business and list your vegan events free of charge. Just click the PROMOTE tab above to start. We’ll illuminate them on our website as well as our social media. The registration process is fast and easy. You will be given your own personal dashboard to view and edit all your vegan events and web pages for each of them, hosted by us. Pretty cool huh?

If you’re seeking events – please also tell your friends and work colleagues about Vegan Event Hub. Hashtag #veganeventhub RTs welcome. Social sharing? Absolutely!

With huge thanks to our partners VegFestUK who have believed in this project from its conception. Our film is shot at a VegFest UK event to celebrate the success of #VegFestUK – the largest vegan event organiser in the history of the UK, running events since 2003!

A few words from Twitter

Celebrating our two favourite interns: Ruby and Fred! Hired as 'Floor Managers'. #NationalDogDay #woof
26 August 2016
@DriftwoodVegans Aww thanks. Glad to have got the site launched. Highs, lows & bruises along the way, but finally made it! Love your blog.
26 August 2016
@VeganAge Thanks for your positivity 🙂 Love to help promote animal sanctuaries with vegan food at their fundraisers if you hear of any.
26 August 2016
@IlluminexLED Likewise. Always open to inspiration! What do you think of the LED light box we made?
26 August 2016
New inspirational animal awareness events on VEH. UK Tomorrow: Earthlings Experience Info:
26 August 2016
Remembering our two favourite interns: Ruby and Fred. Hired to manage the floor. #FlashbackFriday
26 August 2016
Feeling all warm & fuzzy after discovering the amazing Driftwood Vegans glowing Vegan Event Hub review today: #vegan
26 August 2016
@VeganBandwagon @VW Love the way you've tagged @VW on the off-chance they respond. Oh look! I've done it as well 🙂 #optimistic
25 August 2016
@VeganBandwagon We've got this in writing! 🙂 Pretty sure you'll have sponsors soon. Great news for us both then! 😉
24 August 2016
SPECtacular! Just heard Moby has created a 100% vegan music festival! And he's headlining. Info: @thelittleidiot
24 August 2016


Seeking a vegan event locally or in another country when you’re travelling overseas? Run a quick search on Vegan Event Hub to find all the latest events. We’ve got everything from tiny vegan pot-lucks, raw food yoga retreats, animal sanctuary fundraisers, beer festivals, cookery classes, university lectures, vegan cruises and cycling holidays to national animal rights conferences.


Organising your own vegan event? Make sure you list it on Vegan Event Hub free of charge, so everyone knows about it. Ready to take your event promotion to the next level? Gain solid online exposure on targeted event websites with our optional paid promotional packages. [Coming soon]


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